We live in the world we’ve chosen son

we choose our world

The recent months have been ones of reflection for me son.  My mind has taken so many turns, as I adjust to the things that are happening around me.  Life has a way of confronting you sometimes.  This time has given me some of my greatest insight.  Each one of these messages son is written […]

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Create your own love story son

The value of habit creation

I don’t know if I will ever be able to explain love and the way it feels son.  I want to tell you a love story, the one that was created in my world.  Create your own love story son.  Love is such an important part of life Meeting your Mama I don’t know how […]

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The value of consistency of action son

Consistent action is powerful son.  The creation of something seemingly out of nowhere.  I am often taken back when people talk to me about change they think is huge and sudden.  When I think about myself, there have been many actions I have taken to get myself to a certain point.  The value of consistency […]

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Be like Maui

be like maui - whanau

Maui is well-known amongst our Māori people boys. Though he is also part of many Polynesian stories. One version is also popular since the movie Moana which you both love. However, I’m referring to the legend of Maui known within our culture. Legends tell that he pulled off some fairly amazing feats and it’s these […]

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Perspective changes everything

Koro awe perspective changes everything

It’s amazing how the way you think about a situation, totally changes the experience. As I get older, I realise more and more the power of our thoughts and how it’s not the situation that determines our happiness (or not), but our reaction to it. Perspective changes everything boys. There have been many instances lately […]

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Longhaul Flights, Arriving in Singapore and Gardens by the Bay


Singapore wasn’t an obvious choice for us.  But after reading some friends posts they shared it peaked our interest.  After a little bit of research and seeing how many fun things were there, we decided to make the booking.  This would be our first long haul trip with a total of 13 hours one way.  […]

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