Keep your body strong son

Keeping your body strong son is something that I feel is valuable.  Throughout my life I have been all levels of fitness.  When you arrived into the world something really clicked with me and made me want to be the best example I could for you.  So to ensure you keep your body strong, I need to do that too.

I love that you love to run

It was easier for me than it would be for a lot of people.  But in saying this I want to be better in everything I do for you son, so there have been areas of my life that I have found extremely difficult to change.  These principles I outline in this post and others to come have helped me change all areas of my life.  My goal is to be the best version of myself.  Keeping my body strong was easier for me as I have been working on my fitness for a long time and my awareness had grown to understand the basics fundamentals I needed to pursue.

How to get there

Building a strong body is done one brick at a time.  You don’t have to rush out and start throwing cars around son, be consistent.  I think too often when we go to attack something like health and fitness we make massive, sometimes unreachable changes.  This can work son, I’ve used this method to achieve some things that I have thought were impossible.  You need to decide sometimes this is it, I am changing.  Rip everything out of the cupboard and change your life.  It is in my opinion a good first step.  Following through is set out by habit, and going back to an approach of taking each day in the moment, taking it as it comes and understanding what you are trying to achieve as a journey not a point in the ground.

Maintaining health and fitness is where I have seen the need for consistency.  You may not know a lot of the challenges that I faced in my life son, but there was a time when I was overweight, other times where I was struggling to meet basic fitness and health goals.  I was still fit (except when I was 120kg) but I wasn’t performing at my best, even though my job required me to perform at high standards of fitness.

Being in the now
Take opportunities

Just do something, anything

My best advice is just do something son.  Walk, run, bodyweight exercise, gym – whatever.  But do it consistently, make it a habit.  Don’t make it so difficult that you have to do things at certain times.  It can create opportunities to cheat yourself when you can’t achieve the strict time of the day you have to workout, or that you can’t do all the weights in the gym you have set out do.

I changed so much of my routine when I decided I just needed to do something.  For example ensuring I do sets of push ups every day, at different times in the day, and not being disappointed that I didn’t get to do the workout I planned.  But I did do something.  Life changes all the time, so understanding what you control will help you deal with what is happening at that moment.  Small steps make up the distance son.

You can get there, keep your body strong

Before I knew it I was the fittest I had been in my life.  The small steps I had made pushed my fitness into areas I hadn’t been for many years.  As you succeed it becomes contagious.  It can be the first step to succeeding.  I have done research along the way, and adjusted my plan as I looked for what results were important to me.  I’m an ongoing test case though son.  At the moment I’m working to build strength.  People are advising me, and I am listening but I’m also not getting caught up.  When time is short I do push ups, or short workouts during my lunch.  I’ll keep you up to date son, posting my progress to show you what you can achieve.

Your body is your machine son, it pays to keep it healthy.  Keep your body strong son.


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