Look after your teeth

Had a visit to the dentist this week son.  First time in about 20 years.  A long time?  Yes.  Too long apparently because I have quite a bit of work to be done.  Who’s your regular dentist he asks?  I don’t have one I say.  A puzzled look I receive!  Anyway, what’s the verdict?  I have a tooth where there is only 30% left.  Yep the rest fell out over the past week, because it was so rotten (I have since been told).  It feels really strange already and I’m sure it will feel ever stranger once there isn’t anything there.  I also need three fillings and a clean, plus the extraction.  Well it’s an extraction or root canal plus a crown which we’re looking at approximately $2500.  Um that’s ok, let’s just pull it out.  I never thought I would be so worried about losing a tooth but now that I’m facing that I’m a lot gutted!

So the moral of the story son – please look after your teeth.  While you’re young, you’re covered by the health system but once you’re adult it’s all on you.  Who knows, by the time you’re an adult this may change but just in case it doesn’t, find yourself a dentist and visit them every year to get your teeth checked out.  I always knew I should have gone, but I put it way down the bottom of the priority list because a. it’s so expensive and b. they weren’t in pain.  But avoid the ambulance at the bottom of the hill son and be proactive.  Please look after your teeth – you only get one good set in your lifetime.

Mama x

Even Batman needs to brush his teeth

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