Make the most of your time in life

Make the most of your time on this earth my son.  For me this seems to be a lesson I learn over and over again.  How we choose to spend our time is a daily decision.  Whatever choice we make, will create the outcome and the memories for that day.  This in turn, will have a flow on effect into the next day for everyone you interact with.  When you actually think about it, each decision is mammoth!  You are literally altering the course of the future, with one small choice.  So choose wisely son, and make the most of your time.

Make the most of your time - Rakeiora and the polka
Rakeiora feeding the pigs

Spend time with family and friends

This week we decided to spend time with some special people, that is my brother and his family and some friends we hadn’t seen in a while.  It was awesome to see everyone after what felt like a very long time.  The reason we don’t do this trip often is that it’s quite far away.  But in reality, it’s never really that far to go for someone who is important to you.  What I always find too, is that I always generally come away feeling glad that I had made the trip and spent time together.

Too often we don’t take the time to just take life in and be grateful for the time that we get together.  Even if you can’t spend time with them, make time to keep in touch.  It doesn’t take that much to pick up the phone and make a call.

Rakeiora and Tai - make the most of your time
Hanging with cousin Tai

Enjoy the small moments

I am so grateful for every moment of every day.  It has taken me a long time to get this way, and I’ll be honest, it’s not easy to be grateful.  Things worry me and I get caught up in drama.  But it has been something that has improved my life, and if you can grasp this concept early on, I really believe your life will be better for it.

This picture at the top shows a moment that I remember and loved.  I had so many happy thoughts going through my mind.  Appreciating our friends who have moved into the country and bought these fun little girls.  You loved seeing the poaka (pigs) so much.  Your Mama has made animals so special to you, and she is doing such a great job teaching you.  I was so proud to listen to your reo (Maori language).  It was also inspirational to hear our friend’s daughter speaking Welsh (mockhyn – pig).

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Life has so much to offer but if we don’t take the time to appreciate what is around us and the moments that we have, it passes all too quickly.  I also learnt this week that it is important to make sure that the people we love know what we are thinking, so don’t forget to tell the ones that are special to you that you love them.

With that in mind.  I love you Mama, and I love you my son!


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