Bring chickens into your whanau my son


The world is full of living beings my son, every one of them is special.  As I grew up I was taught to appreciate all things.  Many people will differ in opinion to what I have come to understand but the reason for this blog is to share my life experience with you and what I have learnt over the years of my life.

Not so long ago Mama discussed with me the idea of changing our eating habits.  She felt saddened at the idea of eating meat.  I could feel her distress but it was difficult for me to change my beliefs.  I had eaten meat for all of my life and I had a strong belief that it was part of human nature.  As I listened and watched Mama over what was at least half a year I was inspired.  I started to come to enjoy eating vegetables and alternative methods of protein.  Our main source of protein became eggs.  You had always loved heihei (chickens), so we decided to go ahead and bring some into our whanau (family).  As I watched them walking around our home I couldn’t help but notice their personality and quirks.  Each day we would head out call their names, watch them, feed them, and collect our eggs.   I could see just how much you loved and appreciated them.  This caused a dilemma for me because I was still eating a lot of meat and chicken was a large part of this.

My thoughts at this stage started to turn towards how we eat meat and the process of what happens throughout the animals life to when it arrives in our hands.  I started to think about meat waste and how much I would throw away.  I begun to realise how we currently get meat and the historical physical process of how we would get meat in the past was not easy and required a lot of effort which has now been taken out.  This created a massive shift in my life, and although I’ll talk about it in a later post my health has really changed for the best.

It really started with these two ladies, Mia and Tia pictured in this photo.  Now I feel more aware, I understand the cost of their life.  I believe that until my awareness changed I had conformed to a society norm not really trying to understand what it means.  As you will come to know as you become older is that I still eat meat.  I don’t say this to be a contradiction, because what has changed is my understanding and how much I eat (which is generally twice a week).

Son, bring heihei into your whanau, love animals and respect what it means to have them in your life.  Be your own person and learn through experience.




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