Something to think about son

Son, I wanted to write this down but I couldn’t really think of a title.  There are many thoughts that I have that may fall into this.  What I’ve decided is that if I have a thought that I think is important I will write it under this title.

This weekend we decided to head into town and do some shopping at one of Aotearoa’s (New Zealand’s) biggest malls.  What I couldn’t get over while we were there was just how much people just don’t seem to notice or have time for each other.  Now this is a pretty big claim son, as I know if I talked to most people that were there they would differ to this statement.

It amazed me how even though you are just a little boy that people would see you and still expect you to move.  I noticed how people everywhere were doing this.  It got so bad that mama asked me to carry you.  There are so many examples of how much people seem to not see each other or more so that we see the importance of ourselves over the importance of others.

It made me think about how we are all human and how most of the people I see I would never see, or more importantly recognise again.  As we see people and we associate something with them, we do remember them and they enter our sphere of understanding as I see it.  I will probably see some of the people again but because I don’t recognise them they will not enter my ‘sphere’.  Now this is not a scientific explanation and the sphere of understanding is something that I made up 2 seconds ago (someone else probably has a better name than this).

What all this waffle is trying to say son is be conscious of this, think about your actions and see if they sit right with your values and beliefs.  There is always time for a smile, thank you or some way of acknowledging someone you don’t know.  See the person, that is someones mother, brother, sister, father.

And so there the title is “See the person my son”.

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