Go on holiday


There is nothing quite like a break away son to ‘recreate’ yourself.  There seems to come a time when you just feel like you need to go on holiday.  You need a break from the norm.  Right now is one of those times.  Things can get a bit monotonous, the daily grind.  Not that daily life is bad, but it’s really good for the mind, body and soul to change it up now and again.

Papa’s getting itchy feet too!  It’s not hard to tell with him!  So we’ve planned a little break away near the end of this coming month.  Though it’s not overseas like you would love, I’m pretty sure this will be good for us all anyway.  Our country is pretty beautiful too son, and it’s good to explore locally as well.

I would say plan a big trip every year and plan smaller ones every couple of months.  It’s exciting to have a holiday to look forward to.  And we know you love these times when we’re all together having fun.  We see it on your face, and I can see it in your eyes.

Let’s have a holiday soon son.

Love Mama x

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