Keep your word

A few things have happened lately son, that have made me think about this.  Basically there’ve been a few instances lately where people haven’t kept their word and it’s frustrating.  Maybe they’re not intentionally doing it, but there’s always flow on effects, like someone else having to pick up the load or just plain wasting time.

Integrity.  Doing what you say you’re going to do.  Keeping your word.  Following through.  It’s such an important trait.  For some reason, this has always been something I’ve valued, right from a young age.  I don’t particularly remember having it ‘drummed’ into me or anyone even telling me to do this, but somehow, I’ve picked up that it’s really important.

You need this throughout your life.  In your working life, you will go a whole lot further if you are actually reliable.  With family and friends, people will know that they can count on you, if need be.

No doubt you’ll be on the other end of someone not keeping their word, and like me, you might find yourself annoyed.  In times like this, remind yourself, that you wouldn’t want to do this to anyone else, so that you remember to follow through.  Maybe it’s these experiences of being ‘let down’ that have made me value it even more.

Be the person others can count on son – keep your word.

Mama x

This photo is from our trip to Palmerston North to spend time with family and friends. It’s important to turn up when you tell people you are coming son. Our plans changed on this trip and we didn’t need to travel down. But the value we have for our family and friends meant we wouldn’t let them down. 

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