Share and care

Yesterday you reminded me of this important lesson son.  While we were at playgroup, one of the first things you wanted to do when your friend arrived, was share some of your food with her.  You have made this such a routine that you always want to do it.  You now both do it – back and forward.  Then later on when we made popcorn, you happily handed out bowls to everyone ready for their popcorn.  Then at the end, you chose your bowl.

Manaakitanga – looking after others.  You are so good at this and I am so proud of you!  I love how you already have such a caring nature and understand exactly what sharing is.  You make my heart so full and happy when I see you doing these things.

Share what you can son, and always care and look after others.  Especially those who need it more than yourself.

Mama x

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