Retain the magic

Officially it’s only the end of November, yet you’ve created the ‘magic’ of Christmas for the past month now!  Son you found the box of decorations and bits and pieces and have been playing with these ever since.  You’ve been dressing up and we’ve had to buy you a t-shirt, elf shoes, a beard and more hats to add to your repertoire 😉  Despite me thinking that the tree could wait to go up till December, this was a little project you did with Papa a few weekends ago when I was away.

You love dressing up, singing carols, acting out giving koha (presents) and just generally being Hana Koko (Santa).

I love that you love this time of year.  You have created this real magic around it and it’s infectious.  We’re not even overly religious people but we do celebrate this time of year.  For you now it’s about Santa and presents and all the nice things that go along with it, but I hope that in the not too distant future you understand that it means time together as a family, enjoying each other’s company and being happy.  You’re so onto it that I have no doubt that you already understand this association.

So keep dressing up, keep singing carols and keep loving Christmas – hold onto the magic son.

Mama x


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