Life is only available in the present moment

Live in the moment son.  People call it all sorts of things from ‘the flow’ to ‘the zone’.  Life is lived in the present moment.

Asking you to do this, or even to recommend doing this is asking a lot of you for the future because it is not easy.  It is one thing that will frustrate you but even the realisation of living in the moment is so important.

Being in the now - live in the moment

In this moment you want to enjoy every part of it.  Even in moments like this your mind can take you away.  You can not hear the waves, the beauty that surrounds you, the touch of the little hand holding yours, as your mind struggles to grasp on thoughts.  Living in the present lets you live every moment!


Breathing is a part of us, we need to do it, without it we would cease to live.  Yet the act of breathing is often taken for granted.  It is a massive tool to bring our focus into the current moment.  Although not clear to me as a boy I would always wonder why Koro would make us go through breathing prior to starting our Maori weaponry lessons.  Breathe in, breathe out, focus, bring yourself to now (this was all said in Maori).  As a young boy most of my thoughts were not in the moment.  Often I was thinking ‘what are we doing’.  I did not understand the way of the warrior, and this important skill.

Now years later it makes so much more sense.  As you take deep breaths and bring your mind back, you become more aware of what is going on and the chatter that it is in your mind.

Thinking through all the noise

To live in the present moment helps to bring your mind into focus son.  I often think of it as  checking for spam mail (if there is no such thing as spam mail when you grow up search for it!)  Every second your mind goes through a tonne of thoughts and you latch onto some of them.  A lot of times these things will be negative thoughts that live in the past rather than positive thoughts that help you.  Taking your focus away from what really matters.

There is no time but the present moment.  What happened in the past does not matter, only this moment.  This is said by so many people in many different ways.

How to live in the moment

Son, my best advice is awareness.  Just knowing this is important.  Being aware of how things are playing out in your mind.  Use breathing to bring you back, like a cue to relook at the thoughts that you are having.

Focus on what is important to you.  Bring your mind back to it.  Breathe.

Your world is shaped by your thinking and you have complete control over this.  Live in the moment my son.


I am Kylo Ren - live in the moment

I am Kylo Ren, I love this moment son!

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  1. Such a wonderfully inspiring post and a great reminder to us all to live in the present moment. And what a wonderful site this is for your son, beautiful.
    I look forward to following the journey and reading many more of your posts.

    1. Thank you Victoria. We wanted a way to make sure that our boys would know all the things that we have learnt over our years. What made us who we are. And what we valued as a whanau (family).

  2. This is such an inspiring post. Sometimes we get so busy thinking about the past or work or other stuff that we forget about what is really important. Thanks for the reminder.
    By the way, I like the concept of your blog – ‘for your son’.

    1. Thank you. Appreciate that you have stopped in. It’s so important to appreciate the moments we have.

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