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This is one I’ve been thinking about writing for some time now son.  Right now, we live in a world where social media is a big thing – most people are on it in one way or the other.  It took me a while to get on board, and even now, I’m a bit of a private person so I don’t like to share too much with lots of people – that’s just not my style both on social media and in the ‘real’ world.  So before we go any further son, I just want to say, although there are lots of positives, be aware of the social media drawbacks.

Watching and Thinking

What I’ve noticed is that some people like to share lots, and that’s totally fine if that’s what they want to do.  What I don’t like however, are some of the messages we (we as in society) are portraying and both approving by allowing the younger generation to post what they like.  It’s becoming super normal for young people to post selfies and in doing so, seek approval.  Now I’m not saying all ‘selfies’ are bad, just when the reason you’re doing it is to seek approval or gratification.  One of the key social media drawbacks I have noticed lately.

You don’t need this son – you don’t need it from anyone else.  You can provide that for yourself.  Don’t rely on anyone else to make you feel worthy or happy.  When you have a partner, they should become your biggest support person and rely on them too, but don’t forget, you are the one in control of your thoughts and feelings.

So don’t succumb to the pressures or ways of others if it doesn’t feel right son.  Go with your gut and believe in yourself.

On another note, it’s too easy to get sucked in spending lots of time strolling through social media.  There are much better ways to spend your time son.  Be present with those around you.  We don’t need to fill in every moment and ‘kill time’ by looking on your phone or whatever other device you have.  Having moments of ‘boredom’ and time is a good thing.  Look around you, watch others.  Smell the roses as the saying goes.  This is something I actually love about you.  You love observing others.  Keep doing that son.

Be aware of these social media drawbacks. Don’t believe the hype!  I can’t help but thinking of lyrics from different songs – so this is another one 😉

Mama x

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