Mokonui! Dinosaur Encounter in Auckland

You’ve liked dinosaurs lately, but ever since going to the Dinosaur Encounter at the Auckland Botanic Gardens, you have LOVED re-enacting this experience!

Dinosaur roar
At playgroup where we had to make a dinosaur mask

The day of the dinosaur encounter

At first you didn’t actually like the Encounter and asked to leave, even though you hadn’t seen the ‘dinosaurs’ by this point.  You clung to Papa and I throughout but gained confidence to touch one of them as they walked around.  It took a while for you to feel comfortable but we could see your face start to change and a wry smile started to slowly appear.

Phew!  For a while there we were thinking ‘oh no this is going to be a total waste of time and possibly traumatic’!  The dinosaurs were actually really well done and looked pretty real, so we could see how this could possibly be intimidating for a small child.  Looking around, there were quite a few other kids that weren’t so sure of these creatures either.

Let the acting begin!

Later when we got home, you started acting as the dinosaur and you would come stomping out of your room, with a very impressive stance and expression I must say!  As usual, we were told exactly what to say – which is what we said to you while we were there, “Kei te pai, he hoa ia.  Tino ngohengohe ia.” (It’s ok, he’s a friend.  He’s soft).

Lately you have improved your roar to a particularly loud and fast ‘RAAAAH’!  It’s actually hilarious to watch and listen to.  Even your friends at playgroup have been chased by ‘T Rex’.  I love watching you act this out, along with the gazillion other characters you play – but that’s another story!

Dinosaur Interest basket
The dinosaur interest basket we put together

Interest Basket

One way to build on this for you, was by gathering everything we had related to dinosaurs, which you actually do yourself anyway.  We’ve heard the ‘Walk the Dinosaur’ song many a time now, we’ve drawn the tapuwae (footprint) of the dinosaurs, we’ve read dinosaur books, you’ve taken your dinosaur figurines places, and of course dressed up as a dinosaur by making a mask and claws.

Rakeiora, you have amazing memory recall and love acting our your experiences.  Keep it up my son 😉

Mama x

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