Be that helpful person

Son, Rakeiora – I write this post to you at the moment before your little brother arrives, any day now. But of course, it will apply to him once he’s on this side!

So lately we’ve had a lot of things going on since the flood. It has made me really think about the whole act of ‘helping’ others.

Helping to fish up a bike

Firstly, a local who lives around the corner came into our property to let us know we were flooding. Without his notice, we could have potentially lost the chickens and one of the cats, as the water was rising fast. Soon after, when I drove us both around the corner and parked near the beach, one of the neighbours came out to check we were ok and then came back to invite us inside if we wanted. This was so nice – I’d never met him and yet he was willing to open his home to us. Later that morning I had quite a few calls and texts of support from family and friends, offering anything we needed.

As the days went on, again, lots of people offered to help out in whatever way they could. We had other neighbours just come and start digging drains out the front for us.  Another neighbour who was affected by the flood rang the cleaning company on our behalf. Lots of our family showed up one weekend from Rotorua and helped us with the mammoth (and oh so gross) task of clearing out the garage where 90% had gone for a ‘swim’ during the flood. Not only was it nice to see them, but they came ready to help. More recently, another neighbour who only comes here on holiday, has spent lots of hours and days helping Papa prepare and lay the drains in the front yard. We barely even know this person and yet he has offered his time willingly.

Son there are people who you meet in life, who teach you valuable lessons and display the type of values you admire. It’s people like this who are great role models. If you can help someone, help them, in whatever way you can. My most important point here is though, don’t wait to be asked for help. In my experience, people rarely ask unless they are desperate. Just help. Show up. Be there. Use your skills and knowledge and do what you can. Some day you will no doubt need help and I’m sure you will get it if you need it. I see it in you already, you have a caring nature.

Be that helpful person son.

Mama x

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    1. Thank you John. I’ve got no doubt your daughters will. Love your blog. Don’t like the new toy craze that become a hair accessory.

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