Unexpected small town treasure – Ngatea

Son, today was a milestone. Here is a little story to tell you why.

Mama and I choose to homeschool you a long time ago. This has been great, but we noticed how much you love hanging out with friends. Thus the reason to enrol you at kindy one day a week with your bestie. Mama now runs the local playgroup where you two met and you have always been a social pūrerehua (butterfly).  Today we got to find some unexpected treasure in Ngatea but we will get to that in a second…..

Mmmmm so why is today a milestone?

This was my first day going along too and also the first time you let us head away for some Mama and Papa exploring time. Your independence is growing and it’s awesome to watch. It’s funny, as we walked back we could hear you doing your amazing dinosaur impression – “roooaaaaarr.”

That brings me to this post……

Unexpected Ngatea

Ngatea is a small town about an hour from Auckland.  Reference to how the town was named is often translated as the heart of the plains.

If you’re heading to Tauranga you may end up passing through it. Since you started kindergarten we’ve been in Ngatea a few times but haven’t had much time to look around.

Mama and I were both stoked to get out and explore and were pleasantly surprised by the experience we had.

Stop & Eat

This is such a quirky little coffee shop with great service, good food and yummy coffee.  I would hate to give it a cliche, but it’s the type of coffee store you’d expect to see in High Street (not that we’ve been there lately), or some quirky part of Auckland city.  Smoothies seemed to be a hit and the food looked and tasted fresh. Mama had been keen to come here for a while after spotting it driving past.

The decor is super chic with a really great feel. Mama had an afghan and coffee. I had the vege pizza and juice.

There was a tonne of food which caught our attention and some supercool kids toys which somehow fit in, but at the same time didn’t.

Verdict. Yummy 😋.  Definitely worth 15 minutes of your time and a great break from driving.


A – Z books

Think about the classic book exchange shop. This one had some great books and puzzles. We picked up a Maui puzzle for you and your friend, which like all puzzles at the moment was a hit.   There really is nothing like searching an old book store for hidden bargains.  Regardless of what you get you always feel like you’ve walked out a winner!

Quite cool too that you can exchange  puzzles.  It all seemed really quirky and we loved it.


If you are interested in Moana items Click here.  There is a whole heap to look at

Op shop bargains

Op shop hunting is another great way to explore.  Maybe it’s just me but when you find $1 ksubi jean shorts, you have to add a pic – what a score!  We also picked up some really cool books for our collection including the tipping point, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you are looking for a small town adventure, call in. Ngatea is an unexpected treasure for two parents with some spare time!



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  1. We often visit small towns with our family. And better away from busy highways. There you can find amazing places for family holidays. I think you had an interesting day.

    1. It’s great to seek these little places out. We’ve decided to do a whole lot more of it as we explore our backyard.

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