Instagram aroha – one week of instagram love

Son, here is some aroha that we left for you on instagram.  In case you don’t find it, Ive added it here.

Rāhina – Monday

Rakeiora – Adorn life.  Remember the moments in your life that make you who you are

Rātū – Tuesday

Spend time every day doing something that someone you love wants to do.  You wanted to have breakfast together.

Rāapa – Wednesday


Although it is small it is a treasure.  Treasure every moment, no matter how small it may seem

Rāpare – Thursday

E kore e ea i te kupu taku aroha mōu

Words can’t express how much I love you.

Rāmere – Friday

So many moments in life are missed by not being present.  Today was such a long day and I was caught up in my mind.   Moments later I turned around and saw this.  I am so glad I caught it

Rāhoroi – Saturday

He aroha wakatō, he aroha puta mai

If love is sown then love you shall receive.  We create the world our children live in through the experiences we give them everyday.

Rātapu – Sunday

Whanaungatanga – value the people in your life!



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