Let things happen, all in good time

This is the first post I write to both you boys!

What a time it has been lately.  There has been a lot of change and unexpected events to get use to.  Of course, there are those that we’ve had a lot of time to plan for and adjust to.  Such as, your arrival Haeata.  For you Rakeiora, we wanted to prepare you well so that when your brother arrived, it wasn’t too major an adjustment.  The main part of this, was encouraging more independence so you felt comfortable with the time I would need to spend with Haeata.


Breastfeeding was a strong physical connection we had so making sure you were ready for it to end, was important to me.  We talked about it for a long time and for a long time, you weren’t happy about the idea of stopping!  The closer the time came to your brother arriving however, you started to come round to the idea more.  Each night I would say, shall this be the last time?  Every night you would agree, but then the next night you still wanted it.  Then on the 21 March you said to me, “Kore inu Māma tēnei pō, pā te ira anake.” Which means, ‘no drink from Mama tonight, just touch the mole.”  See you have always liked to touch the moles on my stomach which is another form of comfort for you.  I was so proud of you son!  Since then, you haven’t asked again and happily go to bed with just me and/or Papa laying beside you.  Since Haeata has arrived, you have happily watched me feed him and even helped out by telling me he needs ‘inu Mama’ and helping me get ready.

Don’t Rush

So my point here is boys, that things don’t have to be rushed all the time.  If you give the situation or the person the respect they deserve, then you’re likely to have a better outcome.  In this case for example, I could have just cut you off Rakeiora and said that was it – cold turkey!  But I knew you would eventually get your head around the change in the end – when you were ready.

We live in such a fast paced world nowadays, so it’s important to take our time when we can.  All in good time, as the old saying goes.  So true boys.

Mama x

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment. We have a new one up now for the naming of our son Haeata. I hope you like that as much!

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