Love music my sons

My boys, music has the ability to invoke feelings immediately, to bring memories to the front of your mind.  I have used it so many times to help me through struggle, to motivate me, to remember the people I love.

Take a journey with me my boys as I share with you some of our memories.  The soundtrack of my life.  I will be updating this weekly and sharing some of the memories on Instagram.

Home land and Sea – TrinityRoots

Haeata lately I have been singing this song to you.  I don’t have a great singing voice, but you seem to love it (or you are just closing your eyes to end the pain!). This song will now always bring these memories flooding back to me of this moment.  Home, Land, and Sea has accompanied and comforted me on many trips while I have been away from our home. It has reminded me of Aotearoa, our beautiful country and everything that it means to me to have you in my life my sons.

[su_quote cite=”TrinityRoots” url=””]From a boy to a man, and my memories in between. All of these I would hope my sons to see[/su_quote]

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Little Things – TrinityRoots

“It’s the Little Things that really matter”

Rakeiora, you won’t remember this, but for the second half of your first year on this earth Papa had to live in the UK for 3 months.  I would write to you every morning about my day, how it went and how much I missed you.  During the flood of our home this book was ruined.  Of all the things that was destroyed, the loss of these messages brought me to tears.

The feelings that I had over this time were so strong.  To leave you and Mama was so hard for me.  Each morning I would wake up,  listen to a playlist of songs, and watch videos that would remind me of you.  During this time you were my greatest motivation to succeed.  This was one of the songs I listened to.

[su_quote cite=”TrinityRoots” url=”“]It’s the little things That really matter These fine fine lines, make for trying times And trying times, make you strong You take your strength, pass it around[/su_quote]

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True Love – Troy Kingi

“Find yourself a love”

It is so important to find someone to bring joy into your life.  That one person who knows you more than you know yourself.  I am so lucky to have found this person in your Mama.  She completes me and has brought me the happiest moments in my life.

When Mama and I first heard this song we played it non stop.  It truly became the soundtrack of our life.  I will never forget the day you started singing it with me Rakeiora.

Now that I am away again, this song is helping to guide me.  To keep me connected to you all.  I can close my eyes and hear your voice.  I can see Mamas smile, and feel Haeatas soft skin against my face.

Find true love my boys.

[su_quote cite=”Troy Kingi” url=””]Find yourself a love, to hug, kiss and caress[/su_quote]

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  1. This is a lovely idea. Music is so much a party of our family history, but over time we often forget the songs. It’s often only when we hear them again by chance that the memories rush back. What a nice idea to have a blog post to record them and what they mean to you.

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