You never know who you will meet my sons.

Everyday there is a chance to meet someone new my sons.  It is so important to see the person.  I don’t know how many times I have witnessed people not showing simple compassion for another human being.

I have written about this before, how we rush to the point that we endanger each others lives, not seeing that this is someones’ mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter.  We all mean something to someone.

So many moments where we risk all, for precious seconds on the clock to arrive at our destination.

As we pass through our existence, what impact will we have on others?  Do we know the value that a smile can give to another person.  To move to the side for a family with young children. To open the door for someone that is struggling with bags. To pick up something that has been dropped.  There are so many opporutunities to help others.

True values like thoughtfulness, love, and compassion are so valuable in a world that moves at the speed of light.

An extraordinary father

Today I met an extraordinary man, who drove me to the airport.  Listening to his views on his life, and how he wished he could have been there more as a father gave me so much insight into my own life. He is a proud father who has been through so many struggles similar to us and witnessed so many moments of joy.

The love and admiration he has for his daughter and loved ones was clear to me.  He shared his value of being a vegetarian, and his love for food.  Knowing we have been on this journey as well had a great impact on me.

Our stories joined when he noticed the pain in my heart as we drove away from you all.  The tears welled in my eyes, and the lump in my throat made it hard for me to talk.  His compassion for my situation was touching and I would like to thank him for this.

A young man searching for a cause

Recently while we were in Rotorua I noticed a younger man asking for money.  We were playing close to the man when a stranger came over with food and water.  He asked a very simple question. “Are you ok?”  I watched the man break down.  His answer was touching, “I have lost my loved ones and I am struggling to find my cause.”  I admired what the stranger had done, and I was full of compassion for the young man.  I hadn’t taken the time to see him this way.  He looked so young and his story saddened me.

Moments before this Rakeiora, you asked to give the man some money, which I admired.  Your reason for this would have been one of experience as we often do this and you love listening to music of people who perform on the street – I was proud of you.  I had also watched many people cross the road, snare and snicker at this man.

I wonder if they had witnessed this moment of compassion, if their thoughts would still be the same or if their hearts would have saddened.

Everyone has a story

To value other people especially those that you have not met is something I believe has true virtue.  We all have struggles, moments of joy and something that makes us get up in the morning.  The world needs compassionate people.

I want to encourage you in your life to see the person my boys.  Smile – you never know if someone will need it.  A smile costs nothing, but the value is priceless.  Find ways to add value to others, and appreciate the people you have in your life.

My simple stories above show two occasions where others have shown great compassion. Our world has many great people who share these virtues and I know you boys will hold this value too.

Like all our messages they are reminders for life. Life has a way of always changing your direction and the things that you concentrate on most will always become the things that matter to you.  My hope when you read these messages is that you find them in your time of need.  I recently wrote to many of our friends and told them how much I valued their friendship.  I was amazed at the amount of friends who responded saying they needed this. That told me that they were going through a hard time, and I had no idea.

I love this quote sons. What does it have to do with this post? Everything. Everyone has a purpose, dreams, hopes and fears.
Sometimes we need reminders, my reminder was the compassion of a stranger for a young man searching for a cause.

It made me remember this value.  See the person my son.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I try to teach my son that everyone is a person, no matter what they’ve done, and that we should always try to help them. I pray he continues to be compassionate to those around him!

  2. What a nice post and something that I CAN totally relate to. I have two boys and I want them to see everyone has a unique person and to love that about every one person they meet! Love these adorable pics! So cute!

  3. I love this. It’s so true! This is something that I try and teach my girls as well. The world needs more mamas like you x

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