Family Travel: What’s on the packing list?

Pulling together the perfect packing list when you are going overseas can be difficult. This excerpt from our ‘Kia Orana Rarotonga’ post explains our first thoughts for packing.

Should we take a car seat?  We searched everywhere to find out. Lucky we took one as it turned out yes.

Trying to shrink down the kitchen sink is difficult. Let’s be honest, once you have kids you pretty much move your house when you go somewhere. We spent hours going back and forth with what we needed to take.  A lot of issues came from the amount of weight that we could carry, what the airline’s policy for infant luggage was, and can we take a car seat? Do we need it? Yes says Mama! So many questions and Papa was still nervous that we weren’t going to be allowed to take something on the plane!

So this is some of our packing list.  As we come up with more we will keep it updated.

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Trunki is one of our favourites.  Everytime we pull it out Rakeiora knows that we are heading away.

Not only is Trunki fun, it is a great size for books and toys.  It’s small enough to be used as a carry on and it also means that Rakeiora is travelling in style.

A few favourite books

Keeping some form of routine is important when you are travelling.  Taking a few of your favourite books for bedtime is definitely a great idea.  Trying to calm down a little guy or girl after a day of excitement can be challenging.  It’s amazing what a book can do to calm them down, especially ones they already know.

This has to be one of our favourite books, keep a lookout for our review on some of our favourite pukapuka (books)

Some Favourite Toys

We always take a few toys from home.  It helps us with downtime and also for the periods where you are trying to get into the timezone.  We often find when we go to Australia because they are two hours behind us here in New Zealand that we are up really early in the morning.  Nothing is generally open so playing with some toys are always a great idea.  If your little one is like ours, they will re-enact everything they saw that day!  So our faves here are small enough to fit in your bag, light enough to not affect your weight, and fit with where you are going.

Schleich toys are small enough to fit in bags without adding too much weight

Luggage Scales

These for us now are essential.  Travelling with little ones normally means bringing new things home with you.  We have found that we like to know exactly what weight we are at.  Going through checkout needs to be a one go process.  This would change possibly if we were first class!  But most of times at the check in have been stress less mainly because we have 99% of the things we know sorted.  Knowing that your luggage is under the weight limit is one of them.

Travel Clothes Line

Most resorts and hotels will usually have a clothes rack or dryer.  But we have had more than one occasion when there were no drying facilities.  For this reason we brought this and we really rate it.  To the point where we won’t go anywhere without it.

Packing Cells

These are great for keeping things organised.  Especially when you feel like you are living out of a bag.  It’s a great way to keep things separate when you have a large bag.  We have around 15 of these in different sizes.  Again we wouldn’t leave home without them.

World Travel Power Adapter

This one sounds like it should be easy to remember but we have left it out a few times. It’s handy obviously regardless of where you are going.

Check out our Pinterest Board – What’s on the packing list and save this page if you’re travelling as we will be updating as we finalise our packing list.

*Disclaimer – This post contain affiliate links. By clicking on any of the products and purchasing we will receive a small commission.*

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