Less is more – you don’t need lots of ‘things’

I’ve never been one to want or have lots of ‘things’ boys.  As a child, I would consider us kids quite lucky.  We always had what we needed, lived in nice, warm houses and had plenty of food.  Actually – your aunties would probably say I was ‘spoilt’ (they’ve told me plenty of times I was!).  Your uncle and I at one stage in our young lives, did get a lot of toys.  Looking back at it now, I understand why.  Your Poppa and Nane were giving us what they weren’t able to get when they were younger.  I totally get that now and I know Papa does too.


Rakeiora seeing the smile on your face when you get something new is priceless.  Your face just lights up.  Tonight when Papa brought something home you said, “Tino harikoa au!” (I am so happy).  I love to see you happy.

There is a fine balance though I find boys.  Sure, Papa and I could give you both lots of things all the time, and no doubt, you would be happy each time.  (Papa actually really struggles with this but he’s getting better!  Rakeiora your room has always been a shrine to his dream childhood, which you do actually enjoy these days.)  But, this wouldn’t be teaching you the lessons we want you to know.


We want you boys to know the value of what you have.

We want you to know that you don’t need lots of ‘things’ to make or keep you happy.

We want you to know that money should be spent wisely.

We want you to look after the planet and constantly buying things isn’t helping with that.

We want you to be innovative and think of how to create what you might need or want.

Rakeiora I actually do admire how well you understand the concept of not getting something every time we go somewhere.  I have always been really aware of this and so even though you want something, you are ok with not getting it and are happy just to look and enjoy toys while we are in a shop.


I’ve been reading a few articles on minimalism lately and these really resonate with me.  Only have what you need boys.  The older I get, the more I realise this.  Do I really need this seasons clothes?  No!  I hardly ever buy clothes these days and when I do, I only buy what I need.  Though I may like something, I don’t actually need it.  We are living in a time when there are so many different products being produced to meet people’s desires and demands.  But the reality is that we don’t need all these things.  Things will make you happy for a short while, but then that feeling will leave.  Shopping can become a bit of an addiction – chasing a high through attainment.

The concept of disposable goods is rampant and everything is about convenience.  What all this great innovative technology has done though, is made many of us lazy.  It’s just too easy to buy something cheap, then throw it away and buy another one.  Be aware of this boys.  Luckily I think there’s an uprising around reusable goods.  I remember your aunties telling me I was crazy trying to use reusable nappies.  But we did it and we’re still doing it now for you Haeata.  It’s not that hard to do a bit more washing (as annoying as this might be!)  The problem is, many of these reusable items aren’t as easy to find.  If they were available in supermarkets, maybe more people would use them.  I wonder how things will look once you’re both older?  I’m hoping that this reusable trend continues and those clever people inventing disposable products turn their hand to the ‘light side’.

We’ve been doing a lot of clearing out lately of all sorts of things.  If we haven’t looked at something or used it in a while, we clearly don’t need it.  So out it goes, off to another home for someone else to use.  It feels good to do this boys.  It not only clears some space but it clears my mind out too.

Always remember, less is more boys.  You just don’t need that much stuff.

Mama x

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  1. This is spot on the way I’ve felt for a very long time. I’ve been practicing minimalism for about a year now and even though I’m not an extreme minimalist, I’ve seen the benefits of what having less feels like: more time with my kids and husband, more space, more freedom, more money. In fact, I just got rid of 4 full boxes of toys. It was the greatest thing I ever did.

  2. This is so true! Love your perspective on experiences over things. It’s so much better to have a few special things than a room full of junk.

  3. More absolutely isn’t more. And with more it just gets exhausting. We are in the middle of a giant purge and it’s been a great catalyst for discussion about contentment.

  4. My son is SO spoiled ! We rarely buy him toys and such but it’s his grandparents that just can’t stop buying him gifts …. he has more toys that me and my two sisters ever had combined ! :/

  5. What a nice sentiment! I look around at kids (my own too) and see them so indulged- they hardly know what to play with! I am getting better but it is a struggle to remember this especially during the holidays.

  6. I am really trying to get my husband to get on board with this. He also loves to give what he didn’t get as a child. He comes home every day with a little something- a car, a bouncy ball etc. I understand but I want to teach our kids the same lessons you’ve outlined here. I’ll have to share this with him!

  7. I really resonate with you. I’ve actively tried to buy less and be less in my journey of parenting. Motherhood has shown me just how much stuff kids need/have and how little you can do without. It’s been a journey, but you don’t need it all to be a good mother.

  8. This is so true! Values are important and the fact than our kids understand that sometimes you cant get everything you want prepare them for life… God bless you

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