Appreciate your life my son – my morning routine

Appreciate your life my son, each moment is precious.  Life is about you my boys, how you see the world will always be your reality. There are two ways to look at anything and perspective is one of your greatest tools. Everything has a beginning, each day has a start.  When you wake up appreciate your life. There is always something to be thankful for.

Rotorua Wharf - Appreciate your life my son my morning routine
Rotorua Wharf at daybreak

How we start each day matters

Each day starts and creates an opportunity for a new beginning.  Taking a small amount of time for yourself is so important to creating a life full of love.  My life has taken so many turns, and I have experienced great days, and horrible days.  I can say with conviction that those days where I have taken time for myself have always been the days that have presented the least challenges.

Life has challenges, big and small. Processing these moments, planning your day, thinking about what is important to you and taking time for yourself is important boys.

Why I value the morning son

The sun breaks through - Appreciate your life my son my morning routine
Sun breaking through the clouds in the Firth of Thames

See the beauty

Beauty surrounds us, it’s everywhere.  But our feelings really do play an important part in what we see.  How we look at the world can be dominated by our internal thoughts.

Stop my boys, clear your mind and look around you.  Life is amazing.  Tonight was a perfect example of beauty.  Each night I have the privilege when I am here to take you to bed Rakeiora.  You smile so much when it’s bed time.  You touch my face and I think wow, these are really moments of pure beauty.  I am so happy that I am present in the moment, and able to see this.

The world has many beautiful moments, just like I’ve captured in these pictures, and they are there for us.  We just need to take the time to be aware and see them

A lone flag - Apprecicate your life my son my morning routine
United States Flag flying proud on a morning run in Washington

Your world is your reality

When I look at my life, I have to stop and think ‘wow’.   I have stood looking out at the world and its wonders.  One thing I have come to realise is that your world is your reality my boys.  Outwardly things can be very different to how we are dealing with things.

Alot of people won’t know the internal struggles that you can go through. Your life can seem perfect but inside you could be searching for help.  Never be afraid to ask for help. It takes true strength to do so. Remember you are always in control.

I have been there my boys. Struggling to comprehend external factors that I have no power over. I’ve had an amazing support network but couldn’t access my strength to ask for help. Your world is your reality, no one else’s. The moment you see you have control your reality changes.

Take time to ask yourself what your world looks like.  Or as Mama likes to tell me, ‘check yo self’.

The Firth of Thames - Appreciate your life my son my morning routine
Morning outside our home on my morning walk

Challenge yourself daily

Life will present its own challenge, but I believe there is value in challenging yourself every day.  Do something hard, something that reminds you of what your values are.  Life doesn’t have to be difficult, but these experiences will ground you for any challege that arises.

My challenges recently have seemed simple.  Things are never simple though, and waking up at 5am every day to go to the gym has been tough.  Bouncing out of bed, getting ready, staying motivated.  Not easy boys, but it will be worth it.

Challenges let you know that you are alive, and when you look at your day you know you have achieved something.  I can’t tell you how important this is

Hahei Dawn - Appreciate your life my son my morning routine
Hahei Dawn. I needed to see the top of the hill

Create your world

World creation is what I call my morning routine.  Your world exists inside you, and you hold the key to your world.  You can decide to change your world in a second, walk out the door, start a new career, jump out of a plane.

Create your world my boys.

Appreciate the people in your life

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How you see the world will be your reality - Appreciate your life my morning routine

Appreciate your life my son - appreciate your life my morning routineValue each moment son - appreciate your life my morning routine







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