Live the life you love son

learn from what has happened in your life

Live the life you love. It is the banner for so many different pieces of wall art. A motivational quote that hangs in living rooms across the world.  But words are never anything without action.  How we live by these words or values is what will shape the quality of our life son.

learn from what has happened in your life
Live the life you love son

Pick a path

When I was young I would love to read pick a path books.  It was one of my favourite things to do.  Stories of being a knight, or a warrior travelling through an unknown world, battling monsters, and ultimately finding some form of treasure or fulfillment in life.

It is hard to believe that these choices would be reflected in real life.  Each choice you make in your life will be a reflection of your world.  There are so many decisions in my life that could have led to very different outcomes.

Live the life you love
Every decision leads to a different outcome

When I met your Mama I still remember the moments before we met.  I can say that I was lucky enough to experience true love in the instant I saw her walk into the room.  The feeling was awkward, I couldn’t quite pinpoint why, but I couldn’t stop looking at her from the moment I noticed her.  The moments before this all led to this – one of the biggest life changing events of my existence.  Each path I chose brought me to this one moment which has given me true happiness.  Pick a path my son, you may not understand the impact of each decision you make.

Don’t let regret be part of your life

Regret can enter your world in so many ways.  The key is to realise how your actions lead to regret.  Life presents challenges, some big, others small.  I choose to challenge myself every day, to do something that is outside of my comfort zone.  For me, physical challenges are what I choose most of the time, or just waking up early because I have to.  I like to call this seeking discomfort.  I understand in doing this that I have the ability to challenge regret and give myself the tools that I need if the challenge was bigger.

In challenging myself, I have found my greatest moments of joy.  When you are confronted with a challenge your mind will try to impact your decision, it will give you reasons why it isn’t a good idea, such as there is another time.  Once you finish the challenge you realise that all the worry and doubt was wasted, and that the moment you are in now was worth it.

Live the life you love
One of my biggest regret is that I never took the time to learn from Koro

here will always be time where regret will challenge you.  One of my greatest regrets is that I never took the time to stop and learn from Koro before he had his stroke.  To spend time with him and learn more about his life.  Sometimes you do not realise how precious moments and challenges are until you are confronted with the reality of losing someone.  We are extremely blessed to still have Koro with us and that I have the opportunity to spend time with him now.  However, the challenge of regret still enters my world as I am challenged with every day life and the demands that are around me.

You can learn more about our journey with Koro in Episode two of Our Life, Our World here

Do what you love

The words couldn’t be more simple, but the choice won’t always be the same.  Some people will search their whole life trying find what they love, their purpose.  For me it really isn’t until you find yourself that you can really answer this question.  What matters is what you want, what you love, not what anyone else wants you to do.

When you do something you love son, you will feel at peace.  Happiness is found in doing what you love every day.  Answer the question for yourself, and do what you love every day.

Live the life you love
Being with you every day brings me happiness.

Stop and think – sometimes your life is amazing just the way it is

Some days it’s important to stop and reflect on how amazing your life is.  Life can always be better, the choices we make are important.  That is really the message of this post.  Even as I write  I can’t help but reflect on the many things that make up my life that make it amazing.  It can be really easy to believe that life is not adequate.

Live the life you love
Everyone gets the same 24 hours son, spend it doing what you love

To be honest, as I have been choosing videos for this post I noticed one of our posts from the flood ‘You are one thought away from being happy’ on our YouTube channel and it made me realise how amazing my life is.  Just 5 years ago now all we wanted was to have children.  After 10 years of trying, Mama and I thought that there was not going to be any chance of this reality.  But today we have two amazing boys. How could life be any better.

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Live the Life you Love

Life the life you love son.  It is not just a piece of wall art, it is some of the best advice anyone could give you.

live the life you loveLive the life you love


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