Will I regret that? Ask yourself

Boys making decisions has never been my strong point!  As I get older, if anything I seem to get worse and struggle more with the options in my head.  One would think that you’d get better with time, but for some reason, for me this has been the opposite.  There have been a few instances lately when after I’ve made a decision, I have wished that I’d chosen the other option.  I then seem to mull over the outcome and think about what could have been.  So the tool I’ve created to stop this from happening, when I’m faced with an important decision, I ask myself, will I regret that?

Will I regret that?

Make the effort

Generally decisions that I have regretted have centred around spending time with someone.  Life gets really busy boys and it’s so easy to feel tired.  Sometimes you just want to chill out and relax. Take the easy option.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this is the best thing to do.  But sometimes, you could be missing out on creating memories.

Make the effort to spend time with others you love and value boys.  It may take some time and not be what you had planned, but sometimes, those are the best moments.  I have quite a few times I can recall when I think, I wish I had have gone.  So now my motto around this is, always make the effort.

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Even if you feel like others aren’t reciprocating this back.  It doesn’t matter and don’t get too caught up on this.  I know I have in the past but it’s not worth it and you shouldn’t expect something in return.  As long as you are happy with your efforts, then that’s all that matters.

Will I regret that?
Time with family is always worth it

Will I regret that?  Don’t live with regret

Thinking back to my younger days, I can’t really remember feeling much regret.  It makes me wonder why.  Maybe I lived with more spontaneity and therefore didn’t have many moments of regret.  To be honest, I think that’s what it was.  Of course I didn’t have the responsibility that now follows every major decision, which is you two boys.  Back then, I only had myself to worry about so only I would be affected.  I was operating on about double sleep then too so chill time wasn’t such a precious commodity!

Will I regret that?

Nowadays due to life experience, I have much more appreciation of spending time with family and friends.  You may not get tomorrow boys.  That person, may not be here tomorrow.  You may not be here tomorrow.

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So every time I start to toss up a decision in my head, I just ask myself, will I regret that?  If the answer is yes, then I do it.  I’ve decided that I don’t want to live with regret.  Decisions really are so powerful, which Papa recently wrote about in his post We all get the same 24 hours.

Boys, the decision is always in your hands.  If you think you’ll regret it, then you know what to do.

Mama x

Will I regret that?
A walk not regretted

We all get the same 24 hours son

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Will I regret thatWill I regret that

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  1. Spending time with family is the best gift and teaching we can give our children for this will be treasured in their memory even when they are on their own. That family matters and should always make time for. With this in mind, regrets can be lessen as they will for sure always make just decisions. this is a good read.

    1. Making time for family is so important. You are completely right Nessly. Sometimes like everything we can lose perspective, or something else is more important on that day. I think living without regret is sometimes about reminding yourself what’s important every day. I remind myself every morning of the things that are important in my life. Would you say the same?

  2. You made some great points here. Family time often takes a back seat in this day and age – so glad you pointed out how important it is here.

    1. Thank you. I think so much of what we choose to value is dictated by what is happening in our world. By recognising what’s happening we can ensure we live by our values. Thanks so much.

  3. AHH! This is so sweet. What a great reminder of how we are all human and the importance of remembering what matters most in our lives. Children a sweet gift that we do not deserve!

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