Reflections of a Father – Some days it’s not about knowing the answer

Reflections of a father

Some days it’s not about knowing what the answers are.  It is about accepting that you don’t, but knowing yourself well enough to understand that you will get there.  Reflection has been so important in my life son.  As I reflect on these moments I think about what we have been through as a family.  These reflections of a father still see us living in a world of uncertainty.  After water entered our home our world changed and months later it still affects our life.

I can still feel each moment as if it is happening now as I look at my failings to provide you with the basics of safety, security and warmth.  This is what I have learnt that a home provides to any family, something that we lost in these moments.

Reflections of a father

Reflections of a Father

So much change has happened in our world my boys.  I see so much resilience in you both as I watch you struggle with some of these realities that change brings into so many peoples world I am inspired by your ability to see every moment as an opportunity.

Sometimes we dont need to know the answer my boys.  Right now I don’t know what the answer is.   But I do know that we will get through this and in this I find joy.

Through my life I hope that I am able to provide you with an example that will help you when you feel lost.  I understand the privilege I have been given to be your father and guide you initially through this world.

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These are some of my reflections boys.  They are from my heart in moments of our darkest hour.  Through pain comes strength son.  Someday you will look back on these moments and understand as I do that here is true strength inside you.

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reflections of a father

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