Breathe in, breathe out – Hā ki roto, hā ki waho

kia ora you made it

Some days are harder than others boys.  There are times that really push you to your limit.  Where you think, I just can’t do this anymore, or you feel like escaping.  The one thing that will always help you, even if just physically, is to breathe in breathe out.  Hā ki roto, hā ki waho.  To be honest, right now I’m writing this more as a message for me!  It really has been a hard week!  But I know it will benefit you both in the future.

Ha ki roto tees

The elusive sleep

It’s usually a combination of a few things that I find hard.  It usually begins with lack of sleep.  Oh how I long for the day when I have a good nights sleep!  My precious Haeata – you are keeping me up a lot these days but I know you won’t do this forever (although it feels never ending right now).  It makes such a difference to your day when you’ve had a decent sleep, and I really dislike how I wake up lately just wishing I was still asleep because I’m still zonked.  Lucky for me, coffee comes to the rescue and once I get even a little bit in me and start moving, I begin to wake up.

Parenting can be hard

Being ‘mama’ to you both is really hard some days too boys.  Double demands, often coming at the same time often drives me crazy.  These moments are definitely times when I need to stop for a second and breathe.  I’m doing a lot of reacting at the moment while I’m feeling frazzled and I know I need to just take a minute.  It’s proven that slow, long and deep breaths both slows your heart rate and changes the chemistry in your brain.  When I don’t do this, I often don’t say or do what I would do if I was calm.  This has a chain reaction which I know I then see in you boys.  I need to practice what I preach so that you both start doing this more.

Mama and Haeata
My cheeky Haeata

And life just happens

Then of course there are the usual hurdles of life that appear before you.  I hit a pretty decent one this week boys and I actually felt myself become a little winded.  After that exact moment I had to take one big, deep breath.  I needed to gain some physical control and just process all the information I was taking in about the situation.  Then more big, deep breaths.  Then thinking, ok what do I need to do now.  I really don’t like to dwell on situations.  Just find the answer, action it and move on.

There is a big focus on mindfulness right now which I am totally all for.  I think it’s awesome how in some schools they have sessions where they focus on this and just do some dedicated breathing and/or yoga sessions.  The pace of life seems to constantly increase.  As we find more ways to live more efficiently, we seem to just load more onto our plate.  So any chance that we take to slow down and at least just breathe, is definitely a good thing.

Tee cheeky pose

My wish right now

I hope boys that as you both grow, you are able to experience and appreciate a life where you achieve balance and have control.  Where you work hard but live harder.  Where you spend time with those you love but take time to rejuvenate yourself.  Where you laugh everyday, and then laugh some more.  And of course, when times get tough, breathe in and breathe out – hā ki roto, hā ki waho.  You can do this – ka taea koe.

Mama x


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