Our life, our world – our journey to recover from flooding

Learn from what has happened in your life

How do you save moments, how do you let someone know what has happened in their world. This is our way of sharing these moments. Our life our world shares our world with you. We hope through these moments others might find strength, inspiration or a way through something difficult as we have here. In this post we want to give words to these videos, that we hope shows you some of the important parts of this journey.

Our life, our world snippets of life

Snippets of life

Snippets of life shares the first episode of our life, our world. These are the moments where our whole world changed. We hope this episode shows you strength and lets you know you can get through anything.

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One person creates a miracle with their belief they can change the life of others, be the person who helps others son.


Life after the flood

Each of these moments show our journey as we try to make sense of what happened in our world. You can see the boys resilience as we struggle with our new reality. This video was made after we lost our old girl Shyla

You can get through this

How do you get through something that changes your life. One step at a time is the answer son.

A journey starts with a single step son


Recording life

Each of these videos is our journey. It is raw and so is the emotion. But most of all it shows the reality of going through hardship, disaster, pain and loss. It also shows that happiness is only a thought away.

Check out the ads attached here for what we use to record our journey. If you would like to know about how we make our videos please contact us.

Our life our world continues

We continue to record our journey. As I look through our VLogs I am confronted by the reality of our struggle. I also see the moments we have created of happiness as we try to live by our values.

Life always has a bright side. No matter what, you can find happiness. Sometimes you’ve just got to search for it.


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