The value of consistency of action son

Consistent action is powerful son.  The creation of something seemingly out of nowhere.  I am often taken back when people talk to me about change they think is huge and sudden.  When I think about myself, there have been many actions I have taken to get myself to a certain point.  The value of consistency of action son is the creation of change.  Consistency in any form creates something and it can be either good or bad.  These are my thoughts.

Consistency of action

Ups and downs 

Life is full of ups and down son.  These emotions will guide our actions.  Often we feel that our ability to control what is happening around us is totally out of control.  Don’t worry, this is normal son.  The defining difference in all of this is how we see what is happening, the control we take over it, and then the consistent action that we take.

Ups can be as dangerous as downs, as our consistent action drifts in a direction unknowingly.  Our downs can be filled with actions that feel out of control, but once we take control back our world changes.

Consistency of action

The value of consistency

Things have gone wrong in my life son, and in these times I have felt like I am lost and surrounded by mist.  Some of these moments have been for something relatively small with very little consequences.  Others have involved the most important people in my life including you boys.

Consistency has always been the glue that brings me back.  Regardless of the size of the action the ripple effect that starts, turns into something amazing in the future.

Each action we take son has an effect.  Sometimes this effect can be isolated to us, and at other times it will affect everyone around us.  Here is an example of how consistency has affected my life.

consistency of action

Personal fitness

Being fit and healthy has always been something I have aspired to.  Society today creates images of how we should look, but as you will find out as you read my words, it is my belief that success in any form should always be defined by you.

For me fitness is an important part of my life.  I measure this success through my own personnel goals.  These are things like how fast I can move.  It is also how much I can lift and how much fitness helps me to be a part of your life.  Health for me looks similar, but the key part for me is that it gives me the ability to be a part of your world.

consistency of action

My fitness is directly affected by the world around me.  Losing our home was part of an ongoing cycle of lows that defined me for the larger part of a year.  For a lot of people I looked fine, but my actions each day were different.  The small consistent steps that I took most days before the flood had stopped.  One of the biggest differences was the time that I spent on my personnel fitness.  Because of the situation that surrounded me, I couldn’t take the small actions that would get me back on track.

Personal fitness is something that keeps you on track son.  Consistent action in fitness can be one of the first wins of your day.  In those moments you win, and your day continues with the knowledge that you’re on the right track.  My consistent action isn’t always monumental.  When things are going right, it could be 50 push ups, and 10 hill sprints.  The key part is that I do something and this begins the road to better health.

The value of habit creation

Start with a plan and go easy on yourself

When you are at the point of being low son, everything can seem like it’s too much, too hard and just not possible.  The best thing to do is develop a plan.  Start with small chunks, don’t become overwhelmed by the size of what needs to be done.

Each small consistent step son gets you closer to where you want to be and as long as that action is in line with your desired outcome, that’s what matters.  Set a reference point, you’ll read more about that below.  This helps you navigate your way to where you want to be.

Be easy on yourself too son.  You would have come a long way to get to this point.  Now it is about moving forward, and it’s time to get excited.  With my plan for personal fitness it initially looked this simple.

[su_note]1. 10 hill sprints each morning 2. 40 push ups each night 3. Run to work once a week 4. 2 weight workouts a week 5. Get out and about with the whanau each weekend. Look for a plan to continue to develop, Love each moment.[/su_note]

I had to remind myself of where I was, how to develop and keep my mind focused.  I was taking the first step and that step mattered.

The value of habit creation
Your consistent action son has filled these jars, each one creating an amazing experience for you and the people around you.

We have tried to instill these same habits in you son.  Each week we sit down with you and plan.  We decide on what is important to you.  These jars are often the source of our discussions, and how you decide to place your money.  I know when I was 5 I wasn’t in a position to say that I had saved enough money over months to purchase an annual zoo pass.  This is something that you can.  Tau ke son.

Find a reference point

A reference point for me can look very different.  It can be something you have done before that you can reference.  It can be somewhere you want to be to help you navigate your journey.  Regardless of what it looks like it is something that you can hold onto and for me that is important.

My reference points are always something that I can achieve.  I need to own them in a way that my mind joins in.  It is important to understand that they are not the goal.  They are one of the things that you can meet along the way that give you a chance to celebrate.  They remind you that the consistent action you are taking is correct.

the value of habit creation
Live your life as an adventure son

If we can see it in our mind son, we can believe it is possible.  In believing it is possible, we create the impossible.


Balance can often seem like an illusion when we look at all of the things that matter in our life.  How do we create a hierarchy or even spread of importance.  My experience has always been that something always becomes more important.  That we often become reactive rather than proactive.  This simple actions mean that things happen to us, not that we create the things we want.

Acknowledgement is my plan.  I like to understand that balance is hard to achieve, each morning I remind myself.  This creates a greater balance than the juggling act I would often follow in the past.  We all get the same 24 hours son.

be like maui - strategic

We create balance in the way we think son.  Life through the ways of our ancestors has taught me this.  Each morning when we train in the art of the warrior we seek to understand balance.  Our first move grounds us, we return to breathing and understanding ourselves.  Our next move reminds us of gratitude, balance and prayer.  I love the way our ancestors hid layers of life in training.  As we seek to resist the want to move, to remain in this moment and clear our mind, we find balance.

When we understand ourselves, we create balance.

Consistency of Action

Each one of these steps brings us back to consistent action. Who we are is the consistent actions we take each day son.  The cycle of the points in this post always will bring us back to one thing.

Consistent action creates the things that are in our world right now.  Good or bad.  Always ask yourself what consistent action am I taking, and how is this affecting me.  I think this video shows my feelings during the flood in a way I won’t be able to explain again.  But the consistent actions I took led me to feel overwhelmed by the world.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”” width=”500″ height=”360″ responsive=”no” fs=”no”]

The ability to change was created when I was able to see what was happening to me.  When I was able to understand that I was being severely affected by my thoughts and the consistent action that surrounded them.  The situation was hard son.  To lose so much will change you.  But how we change, this is what matters.

This power is within all of us, to create something amazing.  Each action, regardless how small brings us to where we are now.

Consistent action
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Where I am now son, and I couldn’t be happier.  I love you guys!


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consistency of action

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