Create your own love story son

The value of habit creation

I don’t know if I will ever be able to explain love and the way it feels son.  I want to tell you a love story, the one that was created in my world.  Create your own love story son.  Love is such an important part of life

The value of habit creation

Meeting your Mama

I don’t know how I can explain the feeling I had when I met your Mama son.  People have various opinions of love, people say the feelings grow.  For me I felt it immediately.  Something told me that your Mama was supposed to be part of my life.

Our first words were filled with laughter.  Mama has an amazing personality, it is infectious.  Anyone who takes the time to know her sees her amazing qualities.  It took me along time to actually ask your Mama on a date.  I spent most of my time admiring her from a distance.

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Our first encounter alone was an absolute disaster.  It involved me trying to show my love of music and diversity by playing this song and driving my younger brothers car on the wrong side of the road.  The truth is that I was so nervous, my stomach was in twists.  I was in absolute awe of your mama.

Create your own love story
In true your Mama fashion through all of my errors she just smiled.  Mamas ability to always make someone feel comfortable is one of the many things I  love about her.

Fight for Love son

As a young man, I wasn’t always great at saying the right things.  Love can sometimes be challenging and we can’t see how special someone is.  We take people for granted.  This was me son.  For me to be the person Mama needed I had to change.

Love has a way of changing you.  You become a better person for love.

create your own love story

Mama has always fought for me.  She has helped me to become who I am today.  This has come through her fight.  It is not easy to be the person who supports the person you love.  It can mean giving up so much of what makes you, you.  My love for your Mama grows everyday.  I can truly say that I love her more each day.

When I close my eyes I can see her walking next me, turning and smiling at me.  This is something truly special son.  I value your Mama and the love story she has created with me more than words will ever be able to say.

Love makes you a better person

I mentioned this earlier son.  True love makes you someone greater than you were before you met the person you love.  Every accomplishment I have made in my life has happened because of your Mama.  One day when you look at our life and the things we have achieved.  It is important that you understand that it is your Mamas love that got us to where we are.

Our love created you two boys.  In those moment my life grew into something more amazing.  I can not explain how special my life is now my son.  I am truly happy, I don’t know if there is a greater moment for me than this.

Create your own love story
My two superheros, created with love, you are so loved my boys

Love every day, teach love

Your Mama is someone who teaches love son.  You boys are a direct reflection of her caring nature.  The way you light up when you see me is a reflection of her love.  It is important to teach love son.

Love every day, never miss a chance to say I love you.

Love can look so different son.  It is telling the person you love what they need to hear.  Sometimes it’s just listening.  Love is being there, love is so many things.

Each night before Mama goes to bed she teaches me love as she goes about appreciating each part of her life.  She will sit next to each of our pets, pat them and let them know what they mean to her.  She will go to each of your beds, kiss you and tell you that she loves you.  You won’t know that these are her actions my boys.  To watch her is to see love.

Create your own love story
Create your own love story

One day you will create your own love story son.  This is something that I can’t wait to see.  I know how much this will change your world son.

Love will break your heart son, but you will grow from it.

You will find love son.  It might not always be where you think it will be.

Love will look different for everyone.  My story is mine, I am sure Mamas will be different even though we lived it together.

Your story will be different but it is that one thing that will make it amazing.

Love will bring more joy in your life than you will ever imagine son.

Create your own love story

Thank you for everything you have done for me.  I am so thankful for your love.

I hope I am your partner in life that you wished for.  Thanks for creating this love story with me.


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