We live in the world we’ve chosen son

we choose our world

The recent months have been ones of reflection for me son.  My mind has taken so many turns, as I adjust to the things that are happening around me.  Life has a way of confronting you sometimes.  This time has given me some of my greatest insight.  Each one of these messages son is written to guide you.  To give you insights into things that have happened in my life, and what I would say to you.  This message is no different.  We choose our world son.

we choose our world

Why did this happen for me?

Life is about perception.  How we see things is our biggest tool to happiness.  Perception changes everything.

Why did this happen ‘for’ me is something you will not hear often son.  The simple change of one word can change so much of what something means.  Phrasing our words this way helps us to see the positive in a situation that is likely to have a large impact on your world.

The opposite phrase I have used many times in my life, asking myself why did this happen ‘to’ me?  This has never brought something positive into my world and defines me as a victim.  These moments have been defining in my life and have created the greatest change.  They all happened for me, for my journey in life.

we choose your world

As I now reflect on the words of our ancestors, I don’t know how I missed this message.  All of our stories have balance.  The value of perception and balance.  The only thing needed is for us to see this.

We choose our world

My greatest advice in life will be that you choose your world son.  We can’t change the things that happening around us.  The key word is control.  What is in our control, and what isn’t in our control.  Things happen son.

There are things that will break us, and bring us to our knees.  What we can control is how long we stay down, and when we choose to move forward.  These are parts we control.

One day we can wake up and choose a new path.  It is that simple.  We are shaped by the experiences that surround us.  One experience changed all of my eating habits.  It took meat out of my every day, and it has forever changed my health.  The world we live in, is the one we choose son.

Kia ora you made it

There are so many words I would like to say, but the most simple way to explain this is the title.  We choose our world.

Choose the people who are in your world

Choose the people who surround you son.  It is not always easy as so many people pass through our life and influence us every day.

The people you choose to be a part of your world are the biggest part of your journey.  Bring people into your world who make you better, who challenge you, and help you be the best version of you.

we choose our world

Time is your greatest investment son

How we invest our time matters son.  Time is the real currency son.  Let time be your freedom not your restraint.  Life is up to you and is defined by your decisions. We choose to live with the world around us which means bedtime can be controlled by your energy.

Time can be controlled by our thoughts, our beliefs and by so many external factors. Remember son time is your currency, something you can’t get back. So choose the moments where you will spend your time. Invest in love and things that you will remember for all your time.  Live your life as an adventure.

we choose our world

Your focus creates your reality

Lastly son, your focus is your reality.  So therefore your focus is your world.  Time is the currency and we can focus our ability to define what we want in our world.

we choose our world
See magic in moments son
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