learn from what you has happened in your life

Why we do this?

Boys - we do this all for you.  Since you've come along, our whole world has changed.  What do we want you to learn, what do we want you to know, what do we want you to be?  This has totally shaped how we now live our lives (not that they were that bad before!) but now, there's a whole new level of conciousness.

In many ways we've searched for ways to ensure we're giving you the right messages, showing you the right example, being the type of person we'd like you to be.  Ultimately we want you to be yourself, but also someone who is happy, kind, adventurous, loves life, helps others, helps the animals and the earth.

Together, Papa and I have lots of experiences of life to share with you - good and bad!  So, we wanted to write to you so you could both look back on this in years to come and hopefully this becomes like a 'guide book for life'.  This is our legacy for you boys.  Maybe your kids will read back through this later and so on and so on.

Through all this though, you're both teaching us a lot about life, which we love.  So this is a journey for all of us.  And maybe, it might inspire others through some of our lessons, that they may want to share with their kids.

Ok boys - let's do this!


Who are we?

For others of you out there reading this, just in case you're interested to know who exactly 'we' are, here's a little bio. 'We' being Mama and Papa 😉

We live in a small semi-rural, coastal town south of Auckland in New Zealand, on a small block of land along with our many animals - dogs, cats and chickens.  We value and cherish our Māori culture and in many ways as possible, try to share this with our boys through every day life.  Ensuring they learn our language is very important to us, to steed them well for the future.

As you may see through our messages, we believe in looking after our Earth (Papatuanuku) and all living creatures.  We aim to live as sustainable a life as possible.  We're still on a journey ourselves here, but believe all steps count.   Healthy living is a priority for us so we aim to be active and eat good, nutritious food (most of the time of course!)

We love being outdoors and experiencing new places.  More than any 'toy' or gift, we believe this is one of the most important things we can give our boys - time together exploring, living and learning.

Mama - my background is varied and I've worked in a few different fields including health, education, research and Māori projects.  I'm a trained early childhood teacher so clearly I believe we are the best teachers for our son!  I don't not believe in learning institutions but I believe being at home with whānau (family) is most important, providing a secure and safe environment.  Needless to say, homeschooling is definitely an option on the cards.

Papa - I work in a  physical and active job that often takes me around the world.  I enjoy jumping out of planes, rock climbing, hiking going bush and living off the earth.  Being fit and healthy is  something I value.  I also work a lot with dogs, training them.  I enjoy this - dogs don't argue!  I want to make sure I am a positive role model for my son, so he has someone to look up to.

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