Kia Ora – You made it!

This is a little story about us, and some of the things that have made us who we are.  We hope this gives you some information about where your money will go, and how you will affect our world.  Thank you!

kia ora you made it
Our first batch of tees, for you, from us!

Our Boys

We started this clothing range for our boys.  It has been a dream of ours to design clothing that represents us and speaks to our journey.  We wanted to create items we would be proud for them to wear, and that portrayed positive messages at the same time.  This is just the beginning so watch this space.

Sorting with the boys
Although these boys have been through adversity they keep smiling. This photo shows our life in boxes, as we sort through what was left after the flood.

Our Home

In January 2018 we lost our home in the flooding that hit the North Island of New Zealand.

kia ora you made it
Sometimes things mean a lot to you. Here are some images that meant a lot to us.  A photo that was sitting on our fridge, and some of Rakeiora's favourite books lost in the flood.

We record our journey on YouTube, it is a way for the boys to connect some dots.  You can see more by clicking here, but for now here is one of our latest videos as Papa reflects on the journey so far.

It has been a real battle, there is no hiding how difficult this has been.  Even though we are insured we have had to use a large portion of the money we were given for our contents, and vehicle to make up for what is not covered by insurance.  We are still short which is another reason we started our brand, to help us try to rebuild.  You can also support us by joining us on Patreon, or by just buying one of our items. Nga mihi.

If you do find yourself in trouble and need to talk to someone who has been through something like this, contact us on and let us know how we can help.

Kia Ora

Our culture and language identify us.  I love how the way we greet each other is by saying 'Live Well'.  Through our brand we hope to normalise our language, and culture.

Kia ora you made it
Koro and Rakeiora greeting one of the children of the bush.

Everyday we strive to speak our language to our boys.  We would love to meet other people who are on the same journey, or find ways that we can help, so send us a message at

We also are trying our best to find ways to help the environment.  You can join us on our one of our missions to help out by following us on any of our social platforms and looking out for our #giftforpapa, or #giftfortangaroa events.

Giving back

We started our blog hoping that we could leave some of our advice for the our boys and anyone else who happens to take interest.

Right now we are looking at ways we can help others so keep an eye out to see what we come up with.  Sometimes the greatest gift we can give is awareness.

Experiences over things

Our journey and our dreams.  This is what any parent wants.  Each purchase you make helps us to support our dreams.  To give our boys experiences, and to live by the values we have in the world.

Join us on Patreon here and watch our journey unfold.

You can also see all our adventures on youtube by clicking here.

Thank you for following us, purchasing from us and just giving us your time.  These two little guys appreciate it.

kia ora you made it
Kia ora! Nga Mihi


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