Auckland Airport – what you need to know before your next trip

At Auckland Airport

Family travel can be stressful, and we have often found the beginning of our flights to present the most challenges.  For us Auckland Airport is where we start our journey.  When we are travelling, we always seem to have the same type of questions.  Below we share what we have asked ourselves each time we’ve […]

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It’s more than ok to be different

Dressed different with Lily

We’re interesting creatures us human beings boys.  But it seems like most species, we like to flock together with our own.  Just as you notice birds flying together, chickens following each other around, people generally converge with those they feel a connection to.  Ok before we go any further, cats are actually one creature that […]

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Live the life you love son

learn from what has happened in your life

Live the life you love. It is the banner for so many different pieces of wall art. A motivational quote that hangs in living rooms across the world.  But words are never anything without action.  How we live by these words or values is what will shape the quality of our life son. Pick a […]

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Get back up

Driving out

It’s been a while since we have written to you both boys.  Life sort of turned on its head in January with the flood.  Oh my gosh another flood, we couldn’t believe it.  So now I’ll tell you the story, and the biggest lesson I have learnt from this – so far.  Get back up. […]

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Boys can be beautiful too

Prince Rakeiora

Rakeiora you are at the age where you are aware of gender – the differences between boys and girls, men and women.  You have been for a while but lately you have been speaking out lately when you have a strong opinion on this topic.  It’s really got me thinking and I feel it’s timely […]

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I wish you don’t wish


I wish I had more time with my Dad I wish we didn’t move so much when I was little I wish I had have really thought about what I wanted to do before I started uni I wish I had have followed some of my passions when I was younger I wish our house […]

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